Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Inequality: Everyone's Thinking About It

I ran into the following articles on inequality, which has not only been increasing structurally but culturally (in that more policy elites and journalists are discussing the topic openly). Here are some recent posts on inequality:
  • Reuters is reporting findings from a group of researchers showing that Sweden has undergone an enormous increase in inequality, especially since the rise of the center-right in the political system. For those of us in the United States who look to Sweden as a model of development, in recent years even this country has regressed from the ideals of social democracy.
  • Based on an online survey (with all the caveats about sampling procedures, of course), a group has surveyed wealthy Americans on their views on inequality. The biggest finding, which reinforces the importance of class-based analyses of electoral politics: among the wealthy there is a huge gap between self-identified Republicans and Democrats, with over 84% of the latter favoring policies taxing the rich while around 29% of the former.